Koban Collection

Horst Mueller


Who am I?
My name is Horst Mueller, I am a 70+  year old Austrian citizen and a resident of Japan, where I have lived for many years working for an international group of companies. I have been collecting stamps since my childhood and, when moving to Japan, I could not avoid becoming attracted by classic Japanese stamps. I selected the Koban issues as my special field of interest.

What is Koban?
As you can see on the following pages, the Koban issues of Japan are fascinating, because of the many paper and perforation varieties and, most of all, because of the many different cancellation types used for domestic and foreign mail in Japan and in the many post offices Japan operated in foreign countries. For that reason I collect only used stamps, preferably on cover, used postcards and other used Koban stationary.

Why this Home Page?
A part of the reason is pride - I want to show what I have. I further hope to exchange information, advice, know-how, news, comments on what I show and even material related to the Koban issues. Maybe some day we have a Koban collectors club on the net. Welcome are hints on how to construct a collection on the net better.

Thank you for your visit and please come again.

Horst Mueller, December 8, 2009

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