Tokyo Post Office Branches

A - Tokyo Post Office Branches of 1883

The 1st set consists of 6 offices: Kojimachi, Azabu, Yotsuya, Ushigome, Hongo and Honjo. 
The Tokyo Bota was used at these offices in combination with domestic double circles types dN3B2, N3B3, N3B3S in black and in brown.

tb Kojimachi dN3B2 tb Kojimachi N3B3
tb Kojimachi N3B3S in black tb Kojimachi N3B3S in brown

I am looking for the dN3B2
tb Azabu N3B3
tb Azabu N3B3S in black
tb Azabu N3B3S in brown

tb Yotsuya dN3B2.gif
tb Yotsuya N3B3S in black
tb Yotsuya N3B3S in brown

I have not found a dN3B2 yet
tb Ushigome N3B3S in black
tb Ushigome N3B3S in brown

tb Hongo dN3B2
tb Hongo N3B3
tb Hongo N3B3S in black
tb Hongo N3B3S in brown
I have found an unrecorded cancellation: a N3B3S but with a Hiragana syllable instead of a Katakane one, thus it should be named N3B2S 

tb Hongo N3B2S

tb Honjo dN3B2
tb Honjo N3B3
tb Honjo N3B3S in black
tb Honjo N3B3S in brown

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