The Postal Treaty between Japan and the United States required, that all prepaid mail going to or through the USA have the English "Paid All" mark. Initially a "Paid All" handstamp was applied in conjunction with an "Early Large Circle", from July 1875 onwards it was combined into a single one. Known is only the following one from Yokohama, used until 1878.

2y1: Cover with a pair of old Koban 5 Sen  from Yokohama via San Francisco to Chicago, Illinois

  • Unclear Yokohama obliterator
  • Yokohama Paid All, 30 mm diameter, vermilion, Dec 23 (1877) 
  • Transit stamp: San Francisco Paid All, Jan 11 (backside) 
  • Chicago Ill. Carrier (backside) 

Remark on back: Recd Jan, 1878. By checking the Pacific Sailing list this can be confirmed: the letter went on the O&O Belgic, leaving Yokohama on Dec. 23, 1877 and reaching San Francisco on Jan 11, 1878.

Yokohama Paid All



2y2: Cover with a pair of 5 Sen old Koban stamps from Yokohama to Chicago. The addressee is the same as in the letter above, the sender probably too.

  • Unclear Yokohama obliterator
  • Yokohama Paid All: Jun 7 (1878)
  • San Francisco Paid All: June 29 (backside)
  • Arrival mark Chicago ILL.: Jul 5 (backside)

Remark: with the help of the Pacific Sailing list the handwritten remark on the cover 'Recd July 5, 1878' can be confirmed. The O&O Belgic left Yokohama on June 9 and arrived in SF on June 29, 1878. Mail on this sailing of the Belgic show the latest possible usage of the Yokohama Paid All marking, since it was replaced on June 12 1878 (earliest known usage) by the Yokohama Early-Circle cancel. See next chapter.

Yokohama Paid All